Dock Construction, Boatlifts, Bulkheads on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Stevens Marine Construction has been working on heavy marine-based infrastructure for over 30 years! Stevens Marine Construction specializes in dock construction, both new and existing, boatlifts, bulkheads, and much more. 

Our Marine Construction Services

Stevens Marine Construction has grown to become one of the largest marine construction contractors on the eastern shore of Maryland. Founded along the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, we have been working in and along the inland waterways for over 30 years. Our abilities include new construction, revetment, floating docks, boat lifts, and bulkheads. With a large fleet of specialty marine equipment, we can operate in bodies of water that range from small rivers and lakes to the Chesapeake Bay. hat range from small rivers to the Chesapeake Bay. 

Floating Docks & Deck Structures

Boat Lifts

Bulk Heads

Stevens Marine Construction builds both fixed and floating docks. If you are not sure which is the best for you, we can help you decide based on your preferences and/or needs for your location and use. Each type of dock has its pros and cons. We have years of experience building new floating docks for both commercial and residential projects. Whether you are building a new dock, or extending the life of an existing facility, we can provide a wide variety of services that will optimize the efficiency of your facility. We also offer rehab services, and deliver high-quality lifetime decks and docks and save you money! All our docks are made to withstand harsh weather and are designed not to chip, warp or peel. It means less maintenance for you, with more time on the water. 

We’ve been installing quality boat lifts in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia since 1988. Stevens Marine Construction specializes in boatlifts. The mission of this family-based company is to provide a high-quality product in a timely manner at fair and highly competitive prices.  Our more than 30 years of experience provides you with confidence in the work and assurance in the end result.

Stevens Marine Construction builds all kinds of bulkheads and retaining walls including: Wood Bulkheads, Vinyl Bulkheads, Concrete Bulkheads, Steel Sheet Piling Bulkheads, and Shoring Riprap.  We understand that seawall or marine bulkhead construction can be a very valuable long-term investment in your residential, commercial, or marina property. When done right, bulk heads are simply the best way of protecting your property from erosion and damage. If you live or run a business on the water, your bulkhead is the foundation of your property. No other single element can so dramatically impact its value and integrity. At Stevens Marine Construction, we take bulkhead work very seriously. When you can’t take chances with your bulkhead construction, call Stevens Marine Construction.

Rip Rap Erosion Control

Dock and Stone Revetment

Barge Service

Rip Rap is rock or other material used to armor shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against scour, water or ice erosion. It is made from a variety of rock types, commonly granite from this area. It is used to protect coastlines and structures from erosion by the sea, rivers, or streams. It is used on any waterways or water containment where there is potential for water erosion. Contact us today at (410) 726-2715 for a free quote on your next rip rap project.

Revetments are the relaxed cousins of seawalls. Their purpose is the same: to absorb or deflect incoming wave energy in order to minimize and mitigate erosion. Revetments are built at an angle, providing a less harsh method of dissipating waves and preserving the original slope of the shoreline.

Waterfront property owners and marina operators have turned to Steven Marine Construction for our vast experience in revetment retaining walls. Our attention to detail that we put to every project we undertake sets us above the rest. We highly recommend that you see the work of any marine contractor you consider for your project. Contact us today (410) 726-2715 for a free quote on your next project!

We provide waterborne access services and barge rentals for engineers, construction, environmental and diving contractors, and utility companies from our base in Marion Station, MD.

Whether you are looking to build a new dock or make a small repair, you’ve found the right team for the job. Free consultations and estimates are available at request! We are a fully licensed and insured marine contractor including Worker’s Compensation and USL&H to protect not only our employees but our customers as well.

We service the following areas: We will travel anywhere on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.